My Kanban 1s Game

Update! I've now created a Kanban Board Game around this idea.

Here's the latest slide-deck for my kanban 1s game. Based on feedback from several recent sessions I've changed two features:
  • Backlog It now costs 1 unit of work to create a backlog item. Also a worker on any table can create a backlog item at any time.
  • Bugs There's now a much simpler way of simulating bugs - simply lose all the current work on the story-card.
Jon Jagger's Kanban 1s Game


  1. Excellent game. I love the slides and simple rules. Thanks!

  2. My pleasure :-)
    If you play it with some colleagues I'd appreciate any feedback.

  3. Sweet. Rock on. Thanks for this!

  4. Anonymous8:16 pm

    Jon - I am getting ready to do this activity with a group of coworkers and hope to incorporate it into my pre-kaizen training to help non-production groups learn to see. Do you have any recommendations for improvements on the second round (i.e. personnel kanbans, no multitasking, etc)

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    In short I don't. I would recommend playing it by ear depending on what actually happens when you play the game.