Showers are lean-agile; baths are not

In the shower a few days ago I realized that showering vs bathing is a nice example of being lean-agile or not. Imagine 10 people bathing sequentially vs showering sequentially...

With a bath you have to wait (in a queue) while the bath fills up. Not so with a shower.

If you do something else while you wait for the bath to fill up you're likely to find the bathwater too hot or too cold.

Or the tap turns itself off (I have a hot tap that does that sometimes) and the bath is still virtually empty.

Or that might be the time you discover the overflow pipe is blocked.

Or that a fully-on tap releases water faster than an overflow pipe can drain it.

With a bath the water stays in the bath and gets dirty.

With a bath the water gets cold as you lie in it.

With a bath you have to drain the water before you can refill it so the next person can bath in clean water.

With a bath you use more water.

A bath takes up more floor space.

In a shower you stand up, you stay more awake.

A bath is less encapsulated.

Bath leaves a ring of scum that has to be cleaned.