deliberate duplication TDD at XP Days Kiev

Back in October I did a 90 minute TDD master-class at XP-Days Kiev using cyber-dojo. You can watch the video of the talk which is now online. In it I code a simple exercise (Print Diamond) using sliming and deliberate duplication with refactoring.
  • I discuss ‘sliming’ – the technique of hard-coding magic-numbers to make tests pass.
  • How can sliming help guide your choice of what test to write next?
  • How can sliming be combined with deliberate duplication?
  • With micro-refactoring?
  • How do you know you’ve slimed too much?
  • How and when should you unslime?
  • I look at the the word “unit” in Unit Testing to understand why the definition is useful.
  • I consider some very important differences between “real” code and “test” code – they are not the same.