Masses of accu conference notes

These are just some of the notes I made at the accu conference! What a fantastic conference it was.

When I think of or hear something I want to remember I jot it down on a piece of paper (I've trained myself to keep pens and paper on me at all times). I know lots of people use electronic organizers of various kinds but I find the paper system works best for me (up to now). I make a rough note and keep it short, particularly if I'm talking to someone, so we can start chatting again. I find the act of scribing the shape of the letters seems to help me remember better. After a few days I come back to the note and either bin it, write it up on my wiki in more detail, or put it back in my pocket. However I learned of a really neat electronic system that still uses a real pen and real paper. It's called LiveScribe and I will definitely be looking into it. I saw one being used by Ian Banner who I met on the Jeff Sutherland's pre-conference scrum course. It looks truly excellent. Thanks Ian.

Trull school rules

I finally remembered to take this photo at Patrick's primary school. A great set of rules to run a school (or company) by.