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From The Aesthetics of Change
Cybernetics therefore suggests that "all change can be understood as the effort to maintain some constancy and all constancy as maintained through change".
Change cannot be found without a roof of stability over its head. Similarly stability will always be rooted to underlying processes of change.

From How Buildings Learn: Chapter 2 - Shearing Layers
The rates of change over time define the layers as clearly as the individual physical changes.

Hummingbirds and flowers are quick, redwood trees slow, and whole redwood forests even slower. Most interaction is within the same pace level.

From Understanding the Professional Programmer
You must begin to see change as something wonderfully rare, and worth observing. You must stop taking change for granted if you wish to master the art of productive change.

From How Buildings Learn
By far the greatest rate of change comes right at the beginning, as it does with everything that lives.

From Managing the Design Factory
Best practices are only "best" in certain contexts and to achieve certain objectives. A change in either the context or the objective can quickly transform a "best practice" into a stupid approach.

From The Gift of Time
When a system that continues to change or that is in a changing environment is subjected to a fixed set of tests, it will inevitably over-adapt to those tests, leading to a higher probability of severe or surprising failures in the field.

From Progressive Fly Fishing for Salmon
In my opinion most anglers change their flies too often, generally because they lose faith in it. Moreover, when they change flies it is normally for one of a different colour, and not size, and I believe that this is a great mistake.

From Slack
The more efficient you get, the harder it is to change.

From The Silent Language
Life, in a changing environment, places such strains on the organism to adapt that, if this does not take place constantly, the organism as a species dies out.

From The Importance of Living
What lives always has change and movement, and what has change and movement naturally has beauty.

From Quality Software Management. Vol 1. Systems Thinking
A culture is a self-sustaining pattern that has remarkable powers of resistance to change.

From Quality Software Management. Vol 4. Anticipating Change
Human systems don't change unless the individuals change, one at a time.

From What Did You Say?
One of us is going to change, why don't you go first?

From Mind and Nature
The unchanging is imperceptible unless we are willing to move relative to it.