Wisdom of the idiots

is an excellent book by Idries Shah (isbn 0-86304-046-2). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
Different modes of behaviour on the part of the wise are to be regarded as due to differences in individuality, not of quality.
Only stupid people and pedants imagine that their duty is to instruct everyone, when the motive of the people is generally not to seek instruction, but to attract attention.
Words alone do not communicate: there must be something prepared, of which the words are a hint.
When you have found yourself you can have knowledge. Until then you can only have opinions. Opinions are based on habit and what you conceive to be convenient to you. The study of the Way requires self-encounter along the way.
…people spend most of their time either jumping to conclusions or else taking no notice at all of facts.
Perception without wisdom is worse than nothing at all.
How much of my life is being wasted while I wait for someone to tell me what to do or something to happen which will change my condition and frame of mind?
'Alas', said the Sufi, 'there was only one thing wrong with your attempt to apply Sufi methods. You were not a Sufi.'
The assumption that anyone of worth can explain himself fully and lucidly in the time allotted him by those who want to learn what he knows - is either a joke or a stupidity.
It is learnt by means of practice. If you cannot practice it, you cannot learn it. If you cannot learn it, you do not really want to learn it inwardly at all.
A crooked plan will benefit only the crooked, a wise one only the wise.