Tao Te Ching

is an excellent book translated by R.L.Wing (isbn 0-7225-3491-4). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages

In trying to understand a work like the Tao Te Ching, it is important to keep in mind that Chinese characters are not so much representations of words as they are symbols of ideas.
Because of its idea-embedded nature, the Tao Te Ching is a work that brings truth to the adage: It is better to read one book one-hundred times than one-hundred books one time.
True power is the ability to influence and change the world while living a simple, intelligent, and experientially rich existence.
Simplicity in conduct, in beliefs, and in environment brings an individual very close to the truth of reality.
When expectations are dropped, the mind expands, and reality expands along with the mind.
Nothing exists without the presence of its opposite.
Practice non-interference.
A house filled with riches cannot be defended.
Individuals who master themselves become less egocentric
Evolved Individuals strive to be intuitive, spontaneous, and simple.
Never fall completely into step with current society.

Spot the Tao Te Ching Bug

Most mornings I read one of the 81 entries in Tao Te Ching . My copy is called The Tao of Power, translated by R.L.Wing. Highly recommended. I use dice together with the chart in the picture (from page 19) to make a random selection. This morning I happened to notice that I never seem to get certain numbers. Closer inspection of the chart shows why...