The tao of business

is an excellent book by Ansgar Gerstner (isbn 978-988-18154-7-7). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
Taoism emphasizes compassion, spontaneity, and respect for nature.
Taoism believes in a kind of self-organizing system, that there are patterns to the world and its affairs, and that it is best to let these patterns operate without interference.
Wuwei is closely linked with this idea. In order to be able to apply wuwei - to "act by not acting" - you need good intuition and instinct and be excellent at sensing what is going on.
You have to be careful to recognize the limitations of your knowledge and not interfere with processes in the false belief that you completely understand a situation and can predict precisely the outcome of a certain action.
The point of karaoke is not singing, which is almost always awful. It is getting to know your partners.
The focus in the Daodejing is not "adding", it is on "reducing".
It is often the fear of losing control that makes people add issues and complexities to a situation.
Keeping things simple is an art. And, as with any art, simplicity needs to be cultivated.
You will not be dealing with the abstract notion of a business, but with real individuals.
What makes water "invincible" is that nothing can change its inherent quality of utmost adaptability and agility.
An effective way to maintain flexibility and with it creativity, is to foster a learning culture in your business.
It is important in all kinds of contexts not to hold on to things too tightly.