NDC cyber-dojos

Last week Olve Maudal and I ran two cyber-dojos at the NDC conference in Oslo. The first one attracted only a few people, partly due to some confusion about where it was being held. But what it lacked in quantity it more than made up for in quality. Uncle Bob and Corey Haines seemed to invent a new style of pair programming where Uncle Bob used his left hand and Corey used his right hand! Several people posted encouraging tweets:
  • @KevlinHenney: If you are at #ndc2011 today, I strongly recommend the cyber-dojo with @JonJagger and @olvemaudal this afternoon.
  • @UncleBobMartin: #ndc2011 cyber-dojo was very cool. Too bad you missed it. Must not be very many programmers here
  • @CoreyHaines: Terrific fun at #cyber-dojo at #ndc2010 Only 4 of us there today, you should come to the repeat on Friday after lunch!
  • @occulto: Best thing today: doing a kata in #cyber-dojo with @sondreb, @unclebobmartin and @coreyhaines #ndc2011 try it on Friday!

More people attended the second one. Corey was there again, along with Michael Feathers and Jon Skeet. Once again the tweets were very encouraging.

In the evening Olve created a TurnKey Linux VirtualBox server image to make it super-easy to run your own cyber-dojo. It's less than 500MB and downloadable from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22404698/TurnKey-CyberDojo-20110610.ova.

Mike Long has written a pdf on how to set it up.

Thankyou to Olve and Mike and to everyone who attended.