Experiential Learning 2: Invention

is an excellent book by Jerry Weinberg. There's no isbn - you can buy it from Leanpub. As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
At intervals, keep adding members from the observer corps to each team and observe how each team handles the additional members.
They were… concentrating with their eyes closed (that is, sleeping).
Everything that happens in an exercise is an experience; and every experience provides an opportunity for learning.
Let the students design a slide show of their learnings, and present it to you.
If you were to run this exercise again, with observers chosen before the exercise started, what would you instruct the observers to keep track of? How would you process those data once the exercise was finished?
If you can’t find a regular pattern of some time for self-observation, your leadership development program is in serious trouble.
Have each participant make a "sandwich board" on a large sheet of paper saying:
1) what I'm seeking in teammates
2) what I have to offer my teammates
When standing aside at some distance, we can often see what we couldn’t see up close - that the whole structure is about to collapse, and that additional work will just be wasted work.