the cat in the hat

I've blogged before about how Patrick and I often watch The Princess Bride. Patrick has Asperger's syndrome and loves to watch the same film many times. Many many times. It would be easy for me to not watch a repeat-showing with Patrick on the grounds I'd find it boring. I think that not that many years ago that's exactly what I would have done. But something Jerry Weinberg wrote (in Quality Software Management volume 1 Systems Thinking, page 111) struck a chord with me. He said:

It's not the event that counts, it's your reaction to the event.

So now I challenge myself to watch the film with Patrick (for the umpteenth time) and change the way I react so I don't find it boring. For example, I can specifically look for scenes or lines that I can relate to software development. I've found there will always be some. Here are some from The Cat in The Hat:

For refactoring and continuous-improvement (the song at the end after they've tidied up the mess they made)

I've got to admit it's getting better.

For attitude (after they make the cupcakes which taste disgusting)

They're horrible. Who want's some?

For gratitude (again at the end)

This day has been amazing. Thank you.

For pair-programming! (when they're in the car)

Two people can't drive at the same time.

For testing! (when they're in the car again)

I think there's something wrong with your brakes. When was the last time you had them checked?

For quick and dirty (which is really slow-and-dirty)

There's no way to explain this to mom.

For QWAN, Quality Without A Name, when they're riding the Mrs KWAN roller-coaster:

Please keep your hands and feet in the KWAN at all times.

It's amazing how what you see changes when you change how you look.

big cyber-dojo in Beijing

Mike Long (@meekrosoft) ran a Cyber-Dojo for 32 people in Beijing yesterday. Way to go Mike :-)

cyber-dojo in the cloud is now properly hosted in the Amazon cloud :-) I'll leave the old server, (in my house, under the stairs, with the flaky internet connection - I live in a rural area) up for a few days, but will be gone soon.

A few people have been asking if they could donate something towards running Cyber-Dojo. Now that I'm paying for the hosting that seems a sensible idea, so I've added a donate button. Thanks.