When technology pisses me off (5)

I went into my local Orange shop today. I simply wanted to upgrade my phone to one with a higher resolution camera. The assistant asked me some details and typed them into a computer. Nothing happened. She asked a colleague if the computer was working. He said try rebooting it. So she did. Then she asked me the same details again. And typed them in again. Still not working. Long pause with nothing happening. Decided not to get frustrated. Looked for a chair to sit down while I waited. No chairs. Sat on a low shelf instead. She asked me for the same details for a third time. This time I wrote them on a piece of paper. I decided to mention something I hadn't been asked - that I was on the Virgin tariff. That seemed to be an important piece of information and the computer was abandoned as she tried to ring someone for help. She couldn't get through. I went to sit down again. She kept trying. Eventually she got through. She passed the phone to me. The man on the other end asked for the same information for a fourth time. Then he asked me the post code of the shop I was in! I remained calm and handed the phone back to the assistant. I sat down again. The call ended. After all that I was told I couldn't upgrade my phone unless I switched to a different tariff. I was near the end of my tether by this point but I decided to at least look at the new tariffs. All more expensive than the one I'm one. I said simply "It's not going to happen. You've lost a sale." and walked out. Orange - today you were RUBBISH.