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From The Nature and Art of Workmanship
No two leaves of the same tree are precisely alike, each is individual: yet every one of them conforms to a recognizable pattern characteristic of the species.

From The Unknown Craftsman
If the material is poor the pattern will suffer.

From Quality Software Management. Vol 1. Systems Thinking
A culture is a self-sustaining pattern that has remarkable powers of resistance to change.

The essence of a pattern is what it can do consistently.

From Quality Software Management: Vol 1. Systems Thinking
A locked-on system tends to hold itself to an existing pattern, even against logical reasons to change. … Lock-ons occur in clusters.

The quickest and surest way to classify organisations into similar patterns is by the way people think and communicate.

From Quality Software Management: Vol 2. First-Order Measurement
One of the most sensitive measures of the cultural pattern of any organization is how quickly it finds and removes problems.

Culture makes its presence known through patterns that persist over time.

From An Introduction to General Systems Thinking
And with this shift in time there occurs a shift in the entity of concern - from an object, a pattern of matter in space, to a behavior, a pattern of events in time. [R.W.Gerard]

From An Ecology of Mind
He was often accused of talking in riddles and never coming to the point. The question he posed "What is the pattern that connects?" was never meant to be answered, because the patterns are changing. It was the act of questioning that he was pushing for. Knowing that the eyes behind that curiosity will be the most apt to give the patterns of connection room to wiggle as they perpetually self correct. And to see the beauty in that process. [Nora Bateson]

From Mind and Nature
To be meaningful - even to be recognized as pattern - every regularity must meet with complementary regularities.

From The Silent Language
A pattern is only meaningful if analyzed on its own level.

From Leverage Points
Self-organization is basically the combination of an evolutionary raw material - a highly variable stock of information from which to select possible patterns - and a means for experimentation, for selecting and testing new patterns.

From Patterns of Software
In most types of abstraction the common pattern is replaced by a name, such as a function name, a macro name, a class name...