The gift of time

is an excellent book edited by Fiona Charles (isbn 978-0-932633-75-0). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
Jerry warns us that when a system that continues to change or that is in a changing environment is subjected to a fixed set of tests, it will inevitably over-adapt to those tests, leading to a higher probability of severe or surprising failures in the field. [James Bach]
Complexity isn't an attribute; it's a relationship. [Michael Bolton]
When feedback is offered in the spirit of improving a working relationship, it's all positive. [Esther Derby]
In my experience, if you have a passion for something and want to take responsibility for making it happen you can always find an existing group, or find people around you who are willing to form a new group to get it off the ground. [Willem van den Ende]
People are relentlessly themselves. [Naomi Karten]
In experiential learning, students are fully engaged, and as a result, they determine what they learn, not the instructors or presenters. [Naomi Karten]
...problems that look technical. [James Bullock]
Both PSL and aikido teach practiced awareness of oneself, the situation, and others. [James Bullock]
Shugyo is to step onto the mat exactly when there is every excuse not to. [James Bullock]
I have become enormously skeptical of simple cause-and-effect explanations of any system behavior. [Tim Lister]
And maybe most important of all (and I've been a consultant for about thirty years now), I thank Jerry for helping me think about system dynamics and change. [Tim Lister]
In the technology industry, we spend so much time trying to control machines that we start thinking like machines. [Jonathan Kohl]