Ha ha

An old couple go to the doctors. The doctor says they are fine for their age but he's noticed they are starting to become more forgetful and suggests they write things down so they don't forget them. Back at home the husband asks the wife if she'd like anything to eat. "A bit of ice cream would be nice" she replies. Anything with it he adds. "Some chocolate sauce. And you'd better write it down or you'll forget". The husband says he doesn't need to write it down. "And a spinkling of nuts too" adds the wife. "And you'd better write it down". Again the husband is sure he doesn't need to write it down. "Oh and a cup of tea" adds the wife again. "You'd better write it down". Still he doesn't write it down. Of goes the husband to prepare the food. Fifteen minutes later he walks into the lounge with a lovely english breakfast on a plate: fried eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, tomato. The wife looks at the plate and says "where's the toast?"