The Aremac Project

Is the title of a great science-fiction book by Jerry Weinberg (yes, the same one who wrote The Psychology of Computer Programming and The Secrets of Consulting - among many others). I really enjoyed reading this - the story moves along at a brisk pace and is full of invention. Sometimes the ideas seem so plausible you wonder if they are actually true. And some of them are! For example, Jerry assures me that dogs can and are trained to help owners cope with fits in exactly the way he describes towards the end of the book. Amazing. There's a clever twist in the title too which you might spot. Definitely recommended.

Drawing, Learning, Art

I spotted the following three terms from the glossary of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. They could be straight out of a software glossary!

Learning: Any relatively permanent change in behaviour as a result of experience or practice.

Composition: An ordered relationship among the parts or elements of a work of art. In drawing, the arrangement of forms and spaces within the format.

Abstract Art: A translation into drawing, painting, sculpture, or design of a real-life object or experience. Usually implies the isolation, emphasis, or exaggeration of some aspect of the artist's perception of reality.