A little book of f-LAWS

is an excellent book edited by Russell Ackoff and Herbert Addison (isbn 0-9550081-1-5). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
The best organisations aim to remove the expectation of compliance and eliminate the fear of getting things wrong.
Doing something right can only confirm what one already knows or believes; one cannot learn from it. However, one can learn from making mistakes, by identifying and correcting them.
Organizations fail more often because of what they have not done than because of what they have done.
The opportunity for real and useful learning comes in the face of adversity.
The people who achieve real mastery at something know what it is that makes them so good.
The best managers are genuinely interested in finding out what other people think and have superb listening skills.
Consumer involvement in product/service design almost always gets creative results.