my kanban 1's board game

Here's a slide deck explaining the essence of my kanban 1s board game. Jon Jaggers Kanban 1s Board Game
  • You can play an early session with no clips so the players can see how inventory builds up (you can also push done story-cards to the next edge's corner, rather than waiting for them to be pulled).
  • The clips that hold the story-cards are a crucial part of the game. They make it a kanban game.
  • You can limit the number of clips per edge to create a natural work-in-progress (wip) limit.
  • You can add a new rule: players can also spend a 1 to split a story-card in two, eg a 4 into a 3 and a 1 (assuming they have a spare clip).
  • You can record the day a story-card comes off the backlog, and also the day it gets to done and thus measure the cycle time.
  • You can simulate scrum-style discrete sprints.
  • You can vary the number of dice at different edges.

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  1. Excellent! Have you thought about making it a real board game? Or maybe you already have. =)