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From Quality Software Management: Vol 3. Congruent Action
In all Steering (Pattern 3) organisations, the team is the fundamental unit of production.

From The Psychology of Computer Programming
In the end though, it's their method of learning that distinguishes teams from groups… team members always have a common goal, regardless of the product - the goal of helping each other learn to perform better.

From Pair Programming Illuminated
Widespread use of pair programming involves a cultural shift in values of the organization - away from individual and toward team recognition and goals.

From Wooden on Leadership
I rarely assigned one player to a basket. Basketball is a team sport, and I felt it was unwise to allow players to practice by themselves. Always I wanted them to be interacting with their teammates.

From Situated Learning - Legitimate Peripheral Participation
The fact that the work was done in an interaction between members opened it up to other members of the team.

From The Fifth Discipline
The total absence of meaningful practice or rehearsal is probably the predominant factor that keeps most management teams from being effective learning units.

In great teams conflict becomes productive.

From Peopleware
Most organizations don't set out consciously to kill teams. They just act that way.

The structure of a team is a network, not a hierarchy.

From The Deming Route to Quality
Time and again I see the benefits of using a team.

Teamwork characteristics ... cannot be determined if you interview ... one at a time.

From The Mythical Man Month
The Mythical Man Month is only incidentally about software but primarily about how people in teams make things.

From Toyota Production System - Beyond Large Scale
In modern industry, harmony among people in a group, as in teamwork, is in greater demand than the art of the individual craftsman.

From The Starfish and the Spider
The Toyota assembly line... if an employee stopped the line a pleasant "ding-dong" would sound and teams would carefully study what was going on.