Olve's uncle

Yesterday, whilst stuck in a traffic jam, my great friend Olve Maudal told me a wonderful story about his uncle. Olve's uncle lived in the country. He didn't much care for the city. He felt the city folk were always in a rush. Often too busy to remember basic courtesy. One day he had to go into the city so he got into his old Volvo and set off. In the middle of the city the old Volvo stalled. He tried restarting it several times with no luck. Then the driver behind him starting tooting his horn. Olve's uncle calmly opened his door, got out his car, and walked towards the tooting driver. Olve's uncle explained to the driver that his old Volvo wouldn't start, and, offering him the car key, asked him if he knew how to get it started. The driver immediately, and in a friendly manner, said yes and took the key. As the tooting driver started walking towards the old Volvo, Olve's uncle said, "I'll wait here and toot your horn for you".