viking laws

Several years ago I bought this postcard from Olso airport.

be brave and aggressive

  • be direct
  • grab all opportunities
  • use varying methods of attack
  • be versatile and agile
  • attack one target at a time
  • don't plan everything in detail
  • use top quality weapons

be prepared

  • keep weapons in good shape
  • keep in shape
  • find good battle comrades
  • agree on important points
  • choose one chief

be a good merchant

  • find out what the market needs
  • do not promise what you can't deliver
  • do not demand overpayment
  • arrange things so you can return

keep the camp in order

  • keep things tidy and organized
  • arrange enjoyable activities which strengthen the group
  • make sure everyone does useful work
  • consult all members of the group for advice