In the brain of me

Here's a video of the SkillsMatter talk I did on Thursday, titled "Stuff I'm starting to know now that I really wish I'd known 20 years ago". Its loosely based on the theme of Making The Invisible More Visible, one of my entries from the book, 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know. I completely botched what I was trying to say about courage. What I was trying to say was that courage is not the absence of fear.

My other SkillsMatter talk was based on Do More Deliberate Practice my other entry in the 97 Things Book.

This was the first run of quite a lot of new material so I was quite nervous, but I felt most of it went very well. Here's some of the feedback.
  • Fun, informative, useful
  • An interesting brain dump
  • Entertaining and enlightening
  • Very good. Thoughtful and interesting
  • Great content - very interesting
  • Great laid back presentation
  • Interesting ideas and great presentation to go with it
  • Well planned presentation, not just your standard powerpoint
  • Very good talk. Inspiring
  • Very interactive and well explained
  • Clear explanations, good analogies, funny
  • Fantastic
  • Very good. Passionate speaker. Good insights