The Culture Code

is an excellent book by Daniel Coyle (isbn 978-1-847-94127-5)
As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages.

Much of the connection happens around the dinner table, as Popovich is obsessed with food and wine.
One misconception about highly successful cultures is that they are happy, lighthearted places. This is mostly not the case. They are energized and engaged, but at their core their members are oriented less around achieving happiness than around solving hard problems together.
Allen could find none that played a meaningful role in cohesion. Except for one. The distance between their desks.
For the vast majority of human history, sustained proximity has been an indicator of belonging.
It's important to avoid interruptions. The smoothness of turn taking, as we've seen, is a powerful indicator of cohesive group performance.
The groups I studied had extremely low tolerance for bad apple behaviour.
The groups I visited were uniformly obsessed with design as a lever for cohesion and interaction.
He also had the company buy nicer coffee machines and install them in more convenient gathering places.
Merely replacing four-person tables with ten-person tables has boosted productivity by 10 percent.
Kauffman decreed that every aspect of training be team-based.
It's very hard to be empathic when you're talking.
The road to success is paved with mistakes well handled.
We should have made the hallways wider. We should have made the cafe bigger.

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