management 3.0

is an excellent book by Jurgen Appelo, subtitled Leading agile developers, Developing agile leaders (isbn 978-0-321-71247-9). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
The hierarchy is needed for authorization; the network is needed for communication.
Big species consume more and breed slower.
The Red Queen's Race is an evolutionary hypothesis describing that a complex system needs continuous improvement to simply maintain its current fitness, relative to the systems it is co-evolving with. Some scientists claim that the Red Queen's Race, or the principle of co-evolving species, is an even more important driver of evolution that any other kind of environmental change.
We can consider the internal structure of each system to be a code for the environment and the other species that it is evolving with.
There is no accurate (or rather, perfect) representation of a system which is simpler than the system itself.
We can figure out why the human heart fails (reductionism) but we can never create a heart that won't fail (constructionism).
Managers must learn that they are "in charge" but not "in control".
Recent research has shown that the copying of ideas is the most successful of all strategies.
Uncertainty results in a bias towards self-interest.
Feedback is only feedback when there is a purpose behind it.
Research shows that self-discipline is twice as important as IQ for final grades of students. Effort matters more than talent.
Focus on delivering value.
We need continuous business improvement.

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