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From Adrenaline Junkies and Template Zombies
On most development projects, time is a scarcer resource than money.

From Consilience
Consilience among the biological sciences is based on a thorough understanding of scale in time and space.

From Nudge
Self-control issues are most likely to arise when choices and their consequences are separated in time.

From The Principles of Product Development flow
Opportunities get smaller with time, and obstacles get larger.

From Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Impatience is close to boredom but always results from one cause: an underestimation of the amount of time the job will take.

From Kluge
What can evolve at any given point in time is heavily constrained by what has evolved before.

People are more likely to accept falsehoods if they are distracted or put under time pressure.

Organisms tend to value the present far more than the future.

From The End of Certainty
There is a necessary trade off between certainty at a given time for continuity through time.

From How Buildings Learn: Chapter 2 - Shearing Layers
Hummingbirds and flowers are quick, redwood trees slow, and whole redwood forests even slower. Most interaction is within the same pace level.

The dynamics of the system will be dominated by the slow components, with the rapid components simply following along. Slow constrains quick; slow controls quick.

From Agile Development in the Large
Quick feedback should be the first thing you introduce.

From Beating the System
Time is our only absolutely nonrenewable and, thus, most highly valued resource. To place a low value on another's time is to show a lack of respect for that person.

From Hackers and Painters
Paying attention is more important to reliability than moving slowly.

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