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From The Secrets of Consulting
Most of what a plant is doing is out of sight.

From The Toyota Way
Extra inventory hides problems... Ohno considered the fundamental waste to be overproduction, since it causes most of the other wastes… big buffers (inventory between processes) lead to other suboptimal behaviour, like reducing your motivation to continuously improve your operation.

From Quality Software Management. Vol 4. Anticipating Change
Without action things will only get less visible over time.

A measurement system helps makes the software product visible.

Software is invisible only when we have not developed the correct engineering measurements. A hundred years ago electricity was considered invisible. We only knew of its existence when it shocked us.

From Leverage Points
They [feedback loops] may not be very visible. But their presence is critical to the long-term welfare of the system. One of the big mistakes we make is to strip away these "emergency" response mechanisms because they aren't used often and they appear to be costly.

From Situated learning - Legitimate peripheral participation
A window's invisibility is what makes it a window, that is, an object through which the outside world becomes visible.

From Implementing Lean Software Development
The behaviours that ranking systems encourage are competition, hiding information so as to look good, and hiding problems so as not to look bad.

From Toyota production system
The vicious cycle of waste generating waste hides everywhere in production.

From The Silent Language
Culture hides much more than it reveals, and strangely enough what it hides, it hides most effectively from its own participants.

From Brain Rules
Vision is by far our most dominant sense, taking up half of our brain's resources.

From Mending a bike puncture
Air, like software, is invisible. To get the hole to reveal itself I switched to a different medium, from air to water.

From What Did You Say?
We structure our world so we will not receive feedback that threatens our view.

From General Principles of Systems Design
Regulation is invisible - when it works.

From the DevOps Handbook
The principle of small batch sizes also applies to code reviews.

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