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is an excellent book by Peter Falk (isbn 978-0-099-50955-4). As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages
My object is to keep you awake.
I didn't stay in college the full four years. I quit after three months and joined the Merchant Marines. Men with one eye were not drafted and in the Merchant Marines they were not allowed to work on deck or below deck, but they could work in the kitchen. I sailed out as third cook. My specialty was pork chops.
About the third time I was late, even before I hit my seat, LaGallienne froze me with a question: "Why are you always late?" I said I had to drive down from Hartford. She asked coldly, "What do you do there? There are no theatres in Hartford. How do you make a living?" I told the truth. "I'm not an actor." She snapped back "Well you should be, now sit down."
I remember vividly that particular performance when for the first time I was suddenly startled by a new totally unexpected sound - a rich, deep authentic snore. Holy jamolies. There is someone on this stage that is sleeping - really sleeping.
I have never been arrested in the United States but I have been arrested in Paris, Moscow, Havana, Genoa, Belgrade, and Trieste.
Did he want to be buried or cremated? His answer to them was brief - "Surprise me."
"Here and there you'll find a raisin."
I was struck very early by the dramatic possibilities of playing a man who housed within himself two opposite traits.
For me The Princess Bride was a movie without a blemish, perfect for both kids and adults.

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