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From The Way of the Leader
Do the essential things well: Be proactive (do through action), Reduce complexity (concentrate effort on the essential things), Seek improvement (get the essential things done better).

From Everyday Heroes of the Quality Movement
Automating complexity is never as effective as removing it.

If you automate without first getting rid of complexity, you cast the complexity in concrete.

From Simplicity
The human brain is a very simple system that is capable of working in a complex way, rather than a complex system.

From Patterns of Software
In the modern era, we have come to favor simplicity over complexity, perfection over imperfection, symmetry over asymmetry, planning over piecemeal growth, and design awards over habitability.

From The Gift of Time
Complexity isn't an attribute; it's a relationship.

From General Principles of System Design
Complexity is a relationship between system and observer.

From The End of Certainty
A nonequilibrium system may evolve spontaneously to a state of increased complexity.

From The Systems Bible
A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.

From Surfing the Edge of Chaos
Recent study of evolution, both in the natural world and in computer based complex systems, has demonstrated the surprising result that the presence of parasites in a system accelerates evolution dramatically.

From Consilience
Complexity is what interests scientists in the end, not simplicity.

From Adapt - why success always starts with failure
Complexity is a problem only in tightly coupled systems.

From General Principles of Systems Design
There is a tendency for complexity in models to rise as the time between sensing and acting grows.

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