Bordeaux kanban 1's game

Philippe Launay is an Agile team lead and Coach for AGFA in France.

Phillipe recently organized a Kanban 1's game in Bordeaux after he and Fabrice Aimetti translated the slide-deck into French.

Way to go Phillipe.

Phillipe gave me some great feedback
  • printed handouts of the rules on each table.
  • instead of story-cards with numbers on why not have story-card with dots on. Instead of a 4 have 4 dots.
He writes:

We really had some fun and we learned a lot. The feedback is very very positive... All attendees, the two observers, and the two organizers are more than satisfied with the result. So again thank you to for providing the game.

It's my pleasure Phillipe. And in case any else is wondering, please feel free to translate the Kanban 1's Game slide-deck if you want to. Just send me an email and I'll collect links in this blog.

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