kanban 1's game

NB: Heres a more recent slide-deck

I ran my Kanban 1's Game as an open space session at both the xpday conference and also at the Lean, Agile eXchange conference. It proved quite popular so here is how to play it if you're interested. Kanban1sGameRules

Some notes on new game variations/updates

Thank you to Kevlin Henney and Liz Keogh who helped to improve the game.


  1. Hi Jon, thanks for sharing this, I missed your play at AgileCoachCamp.no, but wanted to give it a try... This is my chance to do it.
    Cheers, Sergey!

  2. The aim of implementing a Kanban system is to limit the team’s Work In Progress based on the agreed capacity and to increase overall throughput. Identifying issues that impair performance helps maintain a steady flow of work, thereby having an overall impact on quality. This shortens lead times, which, in turn, improves the system’s predictability.