Macbook plug design flaw? No

I was on a train recently and I tried to plug my macbook plug into the socket. Nope. The depth of the plug was too great. As it happened I had a 4 way adapter in my backpack so I was able to get power anyway!

Update! Thanks to Phil's suggestion I checked my cable drawer and found the other cable :-) I popped it into my laptop bag and found myself on a GWR train again yesterday. No need for a 4 way adapter this time (which I didn't have anyway - I only carry that when I'm running a CyberDojo).


  1. You do know that the way you have that connected up is optional?
    As well as the plug that fits straight into the transformer body, as you have it, you should also have one with a cable that connects to the transformer.

  2. Hmmm. Don't have that in my bag. Might have dumped in my cable drawer at home. Will check when I return. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Gah, this sort of thing drives me nuts.

    I wouldn't blame Apple, surely when people standardise any plug-socket interface they should spec the required clearance too. If they did then I wouldn't spend what seems to be a significant percentage of my life shuffling USB devices on laptops or trying to work out which plug I can unplug from a multiplug without taking down the email server...


  4. Yeah, nice observation about the space matt. And I don't blame apple.