It is the year 3016 - the remains of a large codebase have been found in Norway

The accu 2010 conference in Oxford has just finished (Tweet #accu2010). Olve Maudal and I were honoured to be speaking at this fantastic event - our joint presentation was called Code Archaeology: Stories from a real codebase. Inspired by James Bach's awesome Towering-Inferno keynote we added a small, somewhat hastily put together, fun-based introduction. It seems to have worked well; "code archaeology" proved a rich vein of humour (the beer and lack of sleep probably helped too).

The real value of our presentation was the main content in part two.
  • a detailed look, going back 10 years, at many small changes from a real codebase worked on by developers who care.
  • an equally detailed look at the trust-based culture Tandberg strives to maintain, helping them consistently create superb products.
There are some details that have to be confirmed before Olve and I can make part two available and I apologise for jumping the gun earlier. Meanwhile here is Part One.

P.S. Thanks to Anna-Jayne Metcalfe (@annajayne) who tweeted the title of this blog entry and Mark Ridgwell (@credfeto) for the photo.

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