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From Management of the Absurd
The introduction of highly participative systems tends to bring attacks on the stronger members, often the leaders, while more hierarchical systems bring attacks on the weaker members.

It is only when the balance of power is relatively equal that truly candid communication can and should take place.

From The Psychology of Computer Programming
If egoless programming is used, everyone in the group will have the opportunity to examine the work of everyone else at some time, thereby tending to prevent the establishment of strong hierarchy.

From Not Always So
When you practice your own practice together with others, the true ego-lessness happens.

From Situated Learning - Legitimate Peripheral Participation
The fact that the work was done in an interaction between members opened it up to other members of the team.

From Pair Programming Illuminated
Widespread use of pair programming involves a cultural shift in values of the organization - away from individual and toward team recognition and goals.

From Kanban
High-trust cultures tend to have flatter structures than lower-trust cultures.

From Peopleware
The structure of a team is a network not a hierarchy.

From Freedom from Command and Control
Without doubt the most important system condition affecting performance is measurement. It goes hand in hand with command-and-control hierarchical structure.

From Maverick
A conservative bunch, they adhered to a rigid hierarchy, even when complaining.

From The Starfish and the Spider
This is a book about what happens when there is no one in charge. It's about what happens when there's no hierarchy.

From Mind and Nature
In all hierarchies, it is most undesirable to have direct contact between levels that are nonconsecutive.

From The Fifth Discipline
Hierarchy is antithetical to dialogue, and it is difficult to escape hierarchy in organisations.

From Management 3.0
The hierarchy is needed for authorization; the network is needed for communication.

From Thinking in Systems - A Primer
Among all possible complex forms, hierarchies are the only ones that have had time to evolve.
In hierarchical systems, relationships within each subsystem are denser and stronger than relationships between subsystems.
Hierarchical systems evolve from the bottom up.

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