zen bow, zen arrow

Is an excellent book by John Stevens, isbn 978-1-59030-442-6. As usual I'm going to quote from a few pages:
He never missed a day of teaching, regardless of the weather, and would often sit for hours in the dojo watching and instructing, even if it was freezing outside.
Gratitude will make you brave.
Learn from a teacher everything he or she has, all the way - that is the real secret of training that will give you great results.
Self-reflection encourages great bravery. Rationalization is your greatest enemy.
Fostering the spirit is painful, hard work; shoot each shot as if your life depended on it.
The essence of Buddhism is not meditation or liberation from samsara. It is kenso, "seeing into your nature."
Do your best at each and every thing. That is the key to success. Learn one thing well and you will learn how to understand ten thousand things.
The two greatest virtues: self-control and returning kindness.
Human beings always cling to things. Practice begins when you stop clinging.
One day of effort is one day of bliss; One day of sloth is a hundred years of regret.

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