Fun and learning at Ericsson

I had the pleasure of teaching a TDD C++ course at Ericsson's Jorvas centre in Helsinki this week. As usual I made heavy use of cyber-dojo. Above is a screen shot of the dashboard of one of the practice katas. My evals were 5.8 for the course as a whole and 5.9 for teaching skills (out of 6). Some of the comments were:
  • Very clear.
  • You really got us understanding TDD.
  • Transformation of the mindset became clearly visible during the course.
  • Thanks!
  • Best course I've taken at Ericsson, thank you.
  • The cyberdojo is an excellent environment.
  • Very good hands on training.
  • cyber-dojo extremely nice.
  • It was fun!
  • You really need to try to do TDD in practice to see how beneficial and fun it is.
  • You made it visible in practice.
  • Fun fun fun.

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